Adding Details

FormIt is a great massing tool - as well as a great modeling tool. We'll start to add detail to the Farnsworth house in the form of doors and mullions for the glass box. We'll cover some additional tools, and practice the process of adding new geometry, layers, materials, and group management.

If you did not complete the last section, download and open the farnsworth04.axm file from the FormIt Primer folder.

Create Window Frames

We are going to create a 2" metal frame and mullions around the glass box. These mullions will overlap with the glass box. This is intentional

  1. Create a new layer called glass walls and put the glass box group onto this layer.

  2. Turn off the Roof layer so we can see the entire glass box. Turn on the North Arrow with the DN keyboard shortcut.

  3. Use the Rectangle tool (R) to draw a surface over the western face of glass. Note: Since the glass box is grouped, draw this rectangle outside the Group, so this new rectangle will not "stick" to the glass box.

  4. Single-click to select the new face, then single-click to start a drag face. Push the face 2" towards the interior. Click Esc to clear the selection.

  5. If you have trouble selecting the new face, turn off the glass walls layer, or hover on the face. Hit the space bar to choose different selection candidates.

  6. Single-click the face you just created. Right-click to access the context menu. Use the Offset Face tool (OF).

  7. Move your mouse toward the inside of the face. Hit the Tab key and enter 2" to create a new rectangle. Click Esc to clear the selection.

  8. Single-click to select the interior rectangle you just created. Click again to start a drag face. Push this face through the model to remove it.

  9. Double-click to select the mullion frame. Add the selection to Group (G).

  10. Create a layer named mullions and add it to the new group.

  11. Edit the mullion group by double-clicking it. Name it EW Frame under the Properties palette.

  12. Import and paint the mullion group with the material Metal > Anodized – Gray.

  13. Quick copy, Array or Mirror the mullion to the eastern side of the building.

  14. Repeat the steps above for the North and South sides of the glass box.

You may want to turn off the columns layer. The mullion frames will overlap each other at the corners. This is intentional.

Create Mullions

  1. Turn off the glass walls layer. Orbit the camera so you're viewing the North side of the glass box.

  2. Draw a Rectangle (R) vertically between the top and bottom of the frame. The rectangle should be 2" wide and 10' 10" tall.

  3. Push the face inward 2" to make a mullion.

  4. Double click to select the mullion. Group (G) and name the group mullion. Put the mullion on the mullions layer.

  5. Paint the mullion with the material Metal > Anodized – Gray.

Locate Mullions

We want this mullion to appear at the midpoint between the columns. We'll draw a 'guideline' to help us locate the mullion correctly.

  1. Turn on the columns layer. Draw a guideline with the Line (L) between the end points of two columns - the distance should be 21' 3".

  2. Single click to select the mullion group. Zoom in and pick the mid point of the mullion as the move start point. Zoom out from this view.

  3. Move your cursor to the left, along the red axis. Hold the Shift key to lock the axis.

  4. With the Shift key down, move your mouse to find the midpoint of the guideline. Now click to place the mullion.

  5. Press Esc to clear the move tool. Now select the guideline and delete it.

  6. Select the mullion, single-click to start the move tool. Move your mouse to the right, along the red axis. Click the Ctrl key to make a quick copy. Press the Tab key and input 11' to the right of the original.

  7. Select the original mullion, and Array it three times at a distance between of 11'.

  8. Hover the mouse over a mullion, hit the Tab key to highlight, then click to select all mullions. Use Mirror or Array or quick copy to copy these to the south side of the wall.

Create the Door Mullions

Draw 2" mullion frames for double doors (using similar steps as the previous exercises) at the center of the Western wall. The doors should be 3'-6" each. The results should be similar to the picture below.

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