Add Floors with Levels

Levels allow you to slice masses with individual floor datums and calculate gross area per building mass. FormIt Levels and their custom names will translate to Revit Levels when the file is converted to Revit

Create, and Customize Levels

  1. Create levels using the Level Palette in the Palette Bar.

  2. Click + (Add Level) four times to add four Levels

  3. Double click the Elevation to set the heights to 0’-0", 2'-2" , 4’-6" and 15’-8"

  4. Double click the Name to give the Levels custom names Level 1, Terrace, Floor 1, and Top of Cornice

Note: You can click the ++ icon to create multiple levels, with a specified and uniform distance apart. This is handy for tall buildings.

Apply Levels to Geometry

  1. In the previous steps we only created levels - we haven't yet applied them to any geometry

  2. Select the entire upper terrace mass by double clicking it

  3. In the Properties Palette, click Use Levels

  4. You can uncheck Levels you don't want to contribute towards the gross area. Uncheck Floor 1 and Terrace so only Level 1 is checked

  5. The Properties Palette now reads the area of this mass!

Note: If you do not see blue Level lines on your mass, type DL to Display Levels.