Section Planes

Use Section Planes to cut your model, revealing interior spaces and structural elements. FormIt supports multiple Section Planes at once for a Section Box-like effect.

  1. Click the Section Plane tool from the main toolbar. You can also use the shortcut SP to activate the Section Plane tool.

  2. Hover your mouse over one of the glass faces. The arrow indicators on the Section Plane indicate the direction of the section cut - in this case, towards the building.

  3. Note that while placing the Section Plane, you can hit Tab to change the orientation of the plane.

  4. Click to place the Section plane. The plane scales to the size of your model and stays selected.

  5. Click the plane again to start the move tool and push the plane inward. Click again to place the plane in its final location. Once you're happy with the position, hit Esc to clear the selection.

  6. Go to the Layers tab. Two new layers have been generated - Section Indicators and Section Cut 1. Toggle Section Cut 1 off and back on. This controls the cut effect. Now toggle the Section Indicator layer off, this hides the plane, and the arrow indicators, but leaves the cut effective.

  7. Go to the Visual Styles tab. On the Surfaces panel, turn on the Poche color - it defaults to Black. This effect will color the inside faces of the section cut with a specified color.


  8. You can add up to 6 section cuts to your model. You can experiment by navigating to the Aerial View scene and placing a section plane that removes the roof.

  9. Make sure to return to the Scenes tab and update your scenes, so that your Section graphics are stored as desired.