Settings can be accessed from the Menu or Toolbar. All settings are saved once FormIt is closed.

  • Units: Change between Imperial and Metric units

  • Snap to Grid: Toggle whether drawing and modeling tools snap to the underlying ground-place grid

  • Display Editable Dimensions:Toggle the display of dimensions while drawing and editing

  • Show Edited Groups Only: When on, all other groups are hidden while another group is edited.

  • Pre-selection Highlight: If on, when you hover the mouse over all objects, edges, faces, and points get a visual highlight

  • Large Toolbar Buttons: Toggles on and off large toolbar buttons

  • App Theme: Change between Light, Dark and Blue user interface themes

Touch Mode

Touch Mode allows you to use Windows equipped with touch screens. When on, you can use a single touch and drag to select and interact with drawing, modeling and modification tools. Note: While in Touch Mode, drawing and modification tools will not work properly with the mouse.