Keyboard Shortcuts

Command Shortcut(s)
Application Settings: Display Dimensions D, D
Application Settings: Snap to Grid S, G
Collaboration: Invite to Session C, I
Collaboration: Join Session C, J
Collaboration: Start Session C, S
Display: Ambient Shadows D, A
Display: Axes D, Z
Display: Back Faces D, B
Display: Edges D, E
Display: Extend Lines D, X
Display: Grid D, G
Display: Group Bounding Boxes B, B
Display: Hidden Lines D, H
Display: Monotone Surfaces D, M
Display: North Arrow D, N
Display: Shadows D, S
Display: Silhouettes D, O
Display: Sketchy Lines D, K
Display: Thin Edges D, T
Display: Watertight Issues D, W
Draw: Arc A
Draw: Circle C
Draw: Line L
Draw: Rectangle R
Draw: Spline S
Edit: Copy Ctrl + C
Edit: Delete Delete
Edit: Paste Ctrl + V
Edit: Preferences
Edit: Redo Ctrl + Y
Edit: Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Edit: Reset Axes R, Z
Edit: Set Axes S, Z
Edit: Undo Ctrl + Z
Energy Analysis: Cancel Insight
Energy Analysis: Generate Insight
Energy Analysis: View Insight
File: Export Image
File: Export Model To Ctrl + E
File: Import 3D Model Ctrl + I
File: Import Image Ctrl + Shift + I
File: New Ctrl + N
File: Open A360 Alt + O
File: Open Ctrl + O
File: Save As to A360 Alt + S
File: Save with History Ctrl + S, Ctrl + H
File: Save Ctrl + S
Group: Edit Group (Context Menu) E
Group: Edit Group (Tool Bar) Alt + E
Group: Finish Group Action F
Group: Group (Context Menu) G
Group: Group (Toolbar) Alt + G
Group: Make Unique (Context Menu) M, U
Group: Make Unique (Toolbar) Alt + M
Group: UnGroup (Context Menu) U
Group: UnGroup (Toolbar) Alt + U
Group: UnGroup All (Context Menu) U, A
Group: UnGroup All (Toolbar) Alt + A
Group: UnGroup Model U, M
Help: About
Help: Check for FormIt Updates
Help: FormIt Blog
Help: FormIt Gallery
Help: FormIt Videos
Help: Get Support
Help: Help
Help: What's New
Levels: Display Levels D, L
Levels: Use Levels U, L
Prevent materials on back side faces
Primitive: Cube Alt + B
Primitive: Cylinder Alt + C
Primitive: Dome Alt + D
Primitive: Prism Alt + R
Primitive: Pyramid Alt + P
Prototype: Display mouse/grid status
Selection Filter: Edges E, S
Selection Filter: Faces F, S
Selection Filter: Groups G, S
Selection Filter: Solids S, S
Settings: Large Buttons
Sketch Settings: Toggle Unit Type U, T
Solar Analysis: Analyze A, A
Solar Analysis: Enter/Exit Solar Analysis Mode S, A
Solar Analysis: Exit
Solar Analysis: Reset
Tools: Array A, R
Tools: Cover C, V
Tools: Cut Geometry (Context Menu) C, C
Tools: Cut Geometry (Toolbar) C, G
Tools: Enable Touch E, T
Tools: Enable Touch T, M
Tools: Extrude Edges E, E
Tools: Fillet F, I
Tools: Information
Tools: Join Geometry (Context Menu) J, C
Tools: Join Geometry (Toolbar) J, G
Tools: Lasso Select L, L
Tools: Loft Edges L, O
Tools: Measure M
Tools: Measure Angle M, A
Tools: Merge Edges and Vertices M, E
Tools: Mirror M, I
Tools: Multi-Move M, M
Tools: Offset Edge O, E
Tools: Offset Face O, F
Tools: Offset Solid O, S
Tools: Reverse Faces F, F
Tools: Rotate Q
Tools: Run Script from Editor
Tools: Scale S, C
Tools: Select Space
Tools: Set Location S, L
Tools: Shell S, H
Tools: Smooth Edges S, E
Tools: Sweep S, W
Tools: Taper Face T, F
Tools: Unsmooth Edges U, E
View: Blue Theme
View: Default Theme
View: First Person Fly-Through F, T
View: Orbit Camera
View: Pan Camera
View: System Theme
View: Toggle Perspective
View: Top Z, T
View: Zoom All Z, A
View: Zoom All Z, E
View: Zoom All Z, Z
View: Zoom All Images Z, I
View: Zoom Camera
View: Zoom Out
View: Zoom Selection Z, S
Window: Design Toolbar H, D
Window: Floating Navigation Toolbar H, B
Window: Main Menu H, M
Window: Navigation Toolbar H, N
Window: Operations Toolbar H, O
Window: Settings Toolbar H, C
Window: Sketch Toolbar H, K
Window: Solids Toolbar H, P
Window: Standard Toolbar H, T
Window: Status Bar H, S
Window: View Toolbar H, V

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