The Spline tool allows you to create organic sketches in space or on other objects.

A spline is drawn from at least 3 interpolated points. The connected geometry is simplified creating a smooth and organic curve between the specified points. Like other drawing tools, splines can be drawn in 3D by snapping to 3D points while drawing.

To specify a distance, start typing a dimension value, and hit OK or press Enter in the Edit Dimension dialog.

Splines can also close on themselves creating a face.

Editing a Spline

You can also modify the points of a spline you have already placed by right-clicking it and choosing Edit Splice at the bottom:

The Edit Splice grips will appear, allowing you to move them. The new spline will appear as an outline while editing.

To complete the edit, exit the tool by clicking off into space or hitting ESC. The new spline will replace the current spline.

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