FormIt for Windows

Creating a Toolbar-Based Plugin

Structure of a Toolbar-Based Plugin manifest.json

A toolbar-based plugin has a manifest.json file with the following structure:
"PluginName": "Flip Along",
"PluginType": "Toolbar",
"PluginDescription": "Creates a toolbar with X, Y, and Z buttons to quickly flip selected geometry in the direction of the selected axis.",
"ToolbarURL": "PLUGINLOCATION/toolbar.json",
"Scripts": [
In addition to the standard JSON properties, a toolbar-based plugin includes this special JSON property:
  • "ToolbarURL" tells FormIt that this plugin is a toolbar and links to the location of another JSON file that describes the toolbar's functionality.

Configure Toolbar Format with JSON

After creating a manifest file like the one described above, you'll need to create the toolbar.json file, which defines the toolbar buttons, their names, text, icons, and the onClick function assigned to each button. The toolbar's JSON file will have the following format:
"name": "Flip Along Toolbar",
"buttons": [
"name": "Flip Along X",
"command": "FlipAlongPlugin.ButtonX",
"iconText": "X",
"iconURL": "[Icon URL]"
"name": "Flip Along Y",
"command": "FlipAlongPlugin.ButtonY",
"iconText": "Y",
"iconURL": "[Icon URL]"
"name": "Flip Along Z",
"command": "FlipAlongPlugin.ButtonZ",
"iconText": "Z",
"iconURL": "[Icon URL]"
The toolbar.json file includes these JSON properties:
  • "name" represents the name of the overall toolbar, and is used internally to associate all the buttons to the single toolbar menu.
  • "buttons" represents individual buttons added inside of the toolbar. A toolbar can have any number of buttons.
  • "name" defines the button's internal name, which is used to associate the button to the toolbar as well as to the button's onClick function.
  • "command" defines the function of the button, which can come in one of two forms: a JavaScript function (which can be defined in a script contained in the manifest.json "Scripts" field), or a FormIt command, for example, "Draw: Circle". You can obtain a list of FormIt commands by running the Messages plugin.
  • "iconText" sets the tooltip and description text in the button. If an icon URL is not provided, the text will create an auto-generated icon of formatted text.
  • "iconURL" can be set to define a custom icon for the button.
After the buttons have all been defined in the toolbar.json file, the plugin is ready to go.
If there are any additional JavaScript functions you would like to define, add them to the same folder as the manifest.json file. Be sure to add the file reference to the "Scripts" field of the manifest file as well so that FormIt can find the files.