Modifying Faces, Edges, and Points

Things get really interesting when you start to push and pull the objects you have placed. Single click will allow you to select a single vertex, edge, face, or Mesh.

Modifying Faces

  1. Single-click a face

  2. FormIt automatically puts you in the Drag Face or Extrude tool.

  3. Click somewhere to identify a starting point for the operation.

  4. After you click, you can snap to other objects to align this face.

  5. As with move, you can click the temporary dimension or simply start typing a value to define the amount of movement.

You can also delete a face by using the Delete key, or by right-clicking and invoking Delete from the context menu.

You can also delete a face by using Right click > X button.

Modifying Edges

  1. Single-click an edge

  2. FormIt automatically puts you in the Move tool

  3. Position your mouse over a point in space that you want to start the Move operation from.

  4. Click, and now you can drag the edge to modify the shape.

Modifying Points

  1. Single-click one of the corners of one of the cubes.

  2. Similar to an edge, you drag the point along one of the axes to redefine the shape. NextNon-Uniform Scale