FormIt for Windows

Creating a Combined HTML Panel and Toolbar Plugin

With a single manifest.json, you can initialize both a toolbar and an HTML panel, offering a variety of UI types and tools, all loaded from the same directory.
"PluginName": "Name...",
"PluginDescription": "Description...",
"ToolbarEntry": "index.html", <-- This is the "main entry" used to load/define all code used by your toolbar buttons
"ToolbarButtons": [ <-- Contains an entry for each toolbar button
"iconText": "TB",
"iconURL": "circle.png",
"command": "window.AlertFormItVersion" <-- Javascript that will run in the document defined by ToolbarEntry
"iconText": "CB",
"iconURL": "block.png",
"command": "window.CreateBlock"
"Panel": "panel.html", <-- Panel entry point
"PanelIcon": "block.png" <-- Icon for your panel button