Groups Tree

The Groups Tree palette provides a single place to manage all of the groups in the file. The tree view displays nested groups and the Status column shows which group is currently being edited and whether the group is from Dynamo or Revit. The Instance column displays instance IDs to help differentiate instances of the same group.

  • Select: Each instance is listed individually. Select an instance in the tree and the instance(s) are selected in the 3D scene.

  • Edit: To edit a group, use the pen icon at the top of the palette or right-click and choose Edit.

  • Rename: To rename a group, double-click the name or right-click and choose Rename.

  • Delete: To delete a group, use the (-) icon at the top of the palette or right-click and choose Delete. Select multiple groups to delete them all at once.

    • Tip: To select multiple groups one by one, use the Ctrl key. To select a range of groups, select a group, hold Shift, and select another group. This will add all groups in between to the selection.

  • Ungroup: Right-click a group and select Ungroup.

  • Change Category: To change a group's category, select the group and use the Category drop-down at the top of the palette.

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