Model Statistics

The Model Statistics palette provides a way to view statistics of your FormIt model. Overall model statistics are displayed followed by statistics for each Group, identified as a History.

Enable the Model Statistics palette by going to the Window menu and checking the box next to Model Statistics:

Getting Statistics

To generate statistics, click the Refresh button:

If you want to see changes in your statistics after making some changes in your model, you can Refresh again.

If you open a new file, you will need to click the Refresh button to generate the statistics for the new model, even if you are Watching (see below).


If you want your model statistics to update as you edit your model, click the Watch button:

Note that using Watch can cause model performance to slow, especially in large models.

Using Statistics

Once statistics are loaded, you'll see a variety of information that can help illustrate the complexity of the model you're working with:

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