2.10 - Collaboration Sessions

FormIt 2022 allows you to share your current FormIt session with others with just the click of a button. Collaborators can not only view but actually edit your current model alongside you in real-time.

Note: To host or join a Collaboration Session, you will need to have a FormIt Pro license, which is included with the Autodesk **AEC Collection. You can learn more about FormIt Pro features here.

Hosting a Collaboration session

1 - To start a new Collaboration session:

  1. From the Standard Toolbar, click on the Collaboration icon, and select Start Collaboration session (CS).

  2. Click the Start Session button.

Note: As a host, you do not need to have the specific file that you want to share open before starting a Collaboration Session. You will be sharing your current session of FormIt, not a particular file, which allows you to open and switch between various FormIt models without having to start a new session!

2 - When the Collaboration Session starts started successfully, you will see:

  1. A public link generated by FormIt, which you can share with anyone you would like to join the session.

  2. A Close button, which you can now click to exit the Start Sharing Session dialog. Your sharing session is now live, and you can begin collaborating!

Note: Don’t worry, even after closing this dialog you can still access the current Collaboration Session’s share link at any time – which is what the next section is about!

Inviting Others to a Collaboration Session

Anyone who is part of a collaboration session has the ability to invite others to join, even if they are not the host, through the process below.

1 – To invite others to participate in the current Collaboration Session:

  1. From the Standard Toolbar, click on the Collaboration icon, and select Invite others to collaborate (CI).

  2. Click the OK + Copy to Clipboard to copy the link, then send it to anyone who you wish to invite to the current Collaboration Session.

Joining a Collaboration Session

Once you have a link to a live FormIt Collaboration Session, joining is easy. If you do not have FormIt Pro for Windows, simply paste the link into a browser and you will automatically join through FormIt Web.

1 - To join a Collaboration Session from FormIt Pro for Windows:

  1. From the Standard Toolbar, click on the Collaboration icon, and select Joint existing session (CJ).

  2. Paste the session ID or link provided from the host into the dialog box, and click OK.

Note: Before joining a Collaboration Session, make sure to save any open models. Joining a Collaboration Session will automatically close any FormIt files you previously had open.

2 - As a guest, you cannot open, close, save, or export FormIt files while participating in a Collaboration Session.

Working in a Collaboration Session

1 - When in a Collaboration Session, you can model using FormIt’s tools as you normally would, but so can anyone else who’s part of the session! Here are some things to note when collaborating live with FormIt_:_

  1. Each participant is assigned a color. In the canvas**,** whatever geometry they select is highlighted with that color. In this case, we have selected the largest cube, and it has been highlighted with our color, which is orange.

  2. Note that the other participant is assigned green and has select the smallest cube.

  3. The Users Window displays a list of all current participants. Your username will have an asterisk in front of it.

  4. To view the model through another user’s camera perspective, right-click on their username inside the Users Window and select Follow Camera. You will then see the model through their perspective until you right click on that same user again and select unfollow camera.

  5. The Chat Window allows each participant to communicate with all other participants. In the chat, each participant’s name is highlighted with the same color that was assigned to them for their selected geometry.


  • If two participants try to modify the same geometry at once, it may cause one or both of their modifications to be ignored.

  • While following another participant’s camera, you will not be able to control your own camera view until you choose to unfollow theirs.

Note: If either the User or Chat window are hidden, they can be re-opened by clicking on the Window dropdown in the Menu Bar, and checking the box next to the window(s) you would like to re-open.

Ending or Existing a Collaboration Session

1 - The process for ending a Collaboration Session, if you are the host, or exiting a Collaboration Session, if you are a participant, is the same:

  1. From the Standard Toolbar, click on the Collaboration icon, and select Stop Sharing.

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