FormIt + Autodesk Docs

Cloud Storage Powered by Autodesk Docs

A New Place in the Cloud

  • Autodesk Docs is Autodesk's premier cloud storage solution, and brings new benefits to FormIt customers.

  • Send and receive FormIt models across Autodesk Docs accounts and projects, and access to the Autodesk Docs suite of collaboration and coordination tools.

  • Open, Save, Import, and Export FormIt data across multiple Autodesk Docs Accounts/Hubs and Projects.

Autodesk Docs Content Library

Use the FormIt Content Library to place content from Autodesk Docs on FormIt Web and Windows.

Autodesk Docs in the AEC Collection

  • Autodesk Docs is included as part of AEC Collection subscriptions

  • You can use third-party cloud storage services such as iCloud, Dropbox, Box, etc. to sync your files to a cloud location.

  • If you have an AEC Collection subscription, you can start saving and opening FormIt files on the cloud using Autodesk Docs, as well as locally. Access your Autodesk Docs account here.

Autodesk Docs Desktop Connector

Connect Windows to Autodesk Docs

  • With the Autodesk Docs Desktop Connector, you can connect your desktop environment with your Autodesk Docs account:

  • View and open files

  • Upload and download documents

  • Edit and delete files

  • Create project folders

  • In FormIt for Windows and Web, enjoy the convenience of saving locally to folders inside the Autodesk Docs Desktop Connector.

  • Your local FormIt files will upload in the background to your cloud-based Autodesk Docs account.

Important Notes

The FormIt Folder

  • In FormIt v18.0 and newer, the FormIt folder is no longer automatically created and you can view your files in any directory.

  • You can safely move files out of the FormIt folder and delete it if you wish.

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