FormIt for Windows


FormIt allows multiple users to collaboratively edit a FormIt model on any combination of Windows, iPadOS, or Web clients, all while seeing their changes in real-time!
With a FormIt Pro subscription, you have access to the Real-time Collaboration feature which allows you to:
  • Start a collaboration session and invite colleagues.
  • Join a collaboration from the FormIt Windows, Web, or iPadOS apps.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to explore designs in a shared sandbox environment.
  • Follow another collaborator's camera to see the model from their viewpoint.
  • Let a client follow your camera as you guide them through your design.
  • Chat with collaborators in the session.

Start a Collaboration Session

  1. 1.
    From the Collaboration drop-down, choose "Start sharing session."
  2. 2.
    Email a link to collaborators. This link prompts recipients to log into their Autodesk accounts to immediately start collaborating.