Delete, Edit, Move

Remove an object, change its location, or modify its properties.


First, make a geometry selection. Then, right-click to see the Context Menu where you can click on the Delete Tool. You can also press the delete key on your keyboard.


When using many of the editing tools like Move, Array, Push-Pull Face, and Offset, you will see a blue dimension box. You can click this dimension after you finish your operation, and input a specific value. You can also simply start typing a numeric value to access the Edit Dimension dialog. Alternatively, you can hit Tab to bring up the Edit Dimension dialog, but Tab is no longer required with FormIt for Windows v17 and newer.

Move Edges, Faces, or Objects

First select the edge, face, or object. The move tool is automatically activated. Hover to see snaps and inference points to specify where you want to start your move operation, click to start. Now hover your mouse to see snaps and inference points to the location you want to move the object. Click again to place the object.

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