Cloning a Sample Plugin

Clone an Existing FormIt Plugin Repo

You can clone various plugin repos from the FormIt team. These plugins demonstrate different UI types and some advanced functionality that can be achieved with plugins.

Each plugin is stored in its own repo. You can find them here: FormIt3D Organization Repos

GitHub Desktop

GitHub Desktop provides an easy-to-use interface for cloning repos, seeing changes to files, and pushing/pulling changes between your local computer and online repos. Some of the features GitHub desktop provides are:

  • Create a new repo to host your plugin on GitHub.

  • Use GitHub Desktop to clone your new (empty) GitHub repository to your local machine.

  • Develop your plugin by adding new files to the repo folder locally.

  • Use GitHub Desktop to push your plugin files and directories to your repository.

  • Enable GitHub Pages in your repository so FormIt can load and display your GitHub-hosted plugins.

Clone a Sample Plugin Repo with GitHub Desktop

In GitHub, choose a plugin project you wish to clone or modify. Click the Code button, and copy the address from the dropdown.

Open your GitHub desktop app, click Current Repository, and then select Clone Repository.

Select the URL tab, paste the copied link into first field, and choose a local folder path on your computer to save these files. Click Clone.

Open Your Project in Visual Studio Code

Launch Visual Studio Code. Go to File > Open Folder and select the folder that contains your plugin files and folders, for example, C:\Users\Documents\GenerateStringLights\v22_0

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