Toolbars and Palettes


The standard toolbar is enabled by default, but is split into the following sections. You can optionally enable, disable, and rearrange individual sections using the Windows menu.


  1. File menu with file operations like Open, Save, and Export

  2. Undo your last change

  3. Redo a change you undid


  1. Selection and area selection filters

  2. Measure Distance and Measure Angle tools

  3. Primitive toolbar

  4. Advanced Geometry toolbar with Join, Cut, Sweep, Loft, and Shell

  5. Groups toolbar


  1. Settings menu for UI and app settings.

  2. Touch Mode to enable interactions on touch screen devices.

  3. Collaboration for managing collaboration sessions with multiple users.

  4. Autodesk account login.

  5. Information menu for help and links.



Show/Hide All Palettes

In FormIt 2023 and newer, the palette can be minimized/restored by toggling Show/Hide All Palettes found in the Window menu:

Context Menu

Right-click on an element in the 3D canvas to display a menu of commands and modifications for that type of geometry. Hover over the icons to see their names.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Customize your FormIt keyboard shortcuts in Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts.

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