Orthographic Camera
FormIt 2021 includes the addition of a new Orthographic Camera feature. You can find the Orthographic and Perspective buttons in the Navigation Menu:
Orthographic (bottom) and Perspective (top) camera view buttons
This new option allows you to easily toggle between the Orthographic and Perspective camera views.
A model can be toggled from Perspective Camera to Orthographic Camera mode.
Once in Orthographic camera, any other camera tools will respect the current mode. For example, Align Camera to Face will align the Orthographic Camera to the face, resulting in an orthographic elevation view.
If you navigate manually to a pre-set Orthographic View, like Top View, or Front View, the Orthographic Camera will snap to that position, making it easier to access those pre-set views.
Note: If camera clipping occurs in Orthographic Camera mode, you can switch back to Perspective Mode, zoom out, and then try again.
Last modified 1yr ago
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