Navigating the Scene

Use your mouse or touchscreen to easily navigate in and around your FormIt models:

  • Orbit by right-clicking and dragging the mouse or swiping across the screen for touch-enabled devices. This will use your cursor point in 3D space about which to orbit the camera.

    • You can also hold Shift to Pan.

  • Zoom in and out by scrolling the mouse wheel up and down, or pinching for touch-enabled devices. This will use a point in 3D space at which to zoom to, and will slow down the zoom as you approach a surface or another object.

    • You can also hold Ctrl to zoom at a constant rate, not affected by proximity to objects.

  • Pan by middle-clicking and dragging the mouse, or dragging two fingers for touch-enabled devices.

You can also use the floating navigation toolbar on the right side of the canvas to go into specific view modes. Shortcuts noted in parentheses.

Orthographic views: click to reveal a flyout of available orthographic views.

Default 3D View (ZD) Navigates to the default 3D view

Walkthrough (FT) The “Jetpack” mode allows you to walk through the scene using keyboard. Use WASD to move forward/backward/left/right, and use Q/E to move up/down. Use spacebar to fly

Orbit (O) When enabled, left-click and drag the mouse to orbit around the model. You can also do this at any time by right-click and dragging.

Swivel (SV) Use the swivel tool from the navigation toolbar to look around the scene from a fixed point.

Pan (P) Click and drag the middle mouse button, or use the pan (hand) tool from navigation toolbar to pan across the scene.

Zoom (Z) Scroll the mouse wheel or use the zoom tool from the navigation toolbar to click drag the left mouse button to zoom

Zoom All (ZE or ZA) Zoom to fit all the entire model into the current view

Zoom Selection (ZS) Zoom to fit all of the currently selected object(s) into the current view