Navigating the Scene

Use your mouse or touchscreen to easily navigate in and around your FormIt models:

  • Orbit by right-clicking and dragging the mouse or swiping across the screen for touch-enabled devices. This will use your cursor point in 3D space about which to orbit the camera.

    • You can also hold the Shift key to Pan.

  • Zoom in and out by scrolling the mouse wheel up and down, or pinching for touch-enabled devices. This will use a point in 3D space at which to zoom to, and will slow down the zoom as you approach a surface or another object.

    • You can also hold Ctrl to zoom at a constant rate, not affected by proximity to objects.

  • Pan by middle-clicking and dragging the mouse, or dragging two fingers for touch-enabled devices.

You can also use the floating navigation toolbar on the right side of the canvas to go into specific view modes. Shortcuts are noted in parentheses.

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