1.13 - Section Planes

In this chapter you will learn how to use Section Planes to cut your model, revealing interior spaces and structural elements. FormIt supports multiple Section Planes at once for a Section Box-like effect.

If you did not complete the previous chapter, download and open the 1. 13 - Section Planes.axm file from the FormIt Primer Part 1 Datasets.

1 - To create a new Section Plane:

  1. Click on the Section Plane (SP) button from the Standard Toolbar.

  2. Hover over the model to identify a plane to use as reference. Note the arrows at the corners of the Section Plane indicating the direction of the section cut. Press the Tab key to alternate between different planes, if needed.

  3. Click to place the Section Plane anywhere on the southern glass wall of the main building. The plane will scale to the size of your model and remain selected.

2 - With the section plane still select, click to start moving it backwards until it is cutting through part of the main building, similar to the image below. This works similarly to moving any model element, except that the section plane can only move along an axis perpendicular to the direction it is facing. Once you are happy with the position, press Esc to clear the selection.

Note: You can add up to 6 section cuts to your model at once.

3 - Open the Layers Palette. Note that two (2) new layers have been generated - Section Indicators and Section Cut 1.

  1. Toggle the Section Cut 1 layer off and back on. This controls whether the section cuts the model or not.

  2. Now toggle the Section Indicator layer off. This hides the section plane and its arrow indicators, but does not affect whether the actual section cut is active or not.

4 - In the Surface Tab of the Visual Styles Palette:

  1. Check the box next to Poche Color to turn it on. This effect will color any solids cut by the section plane with a specified color. Black is the default color, but you can simply click on the color preview to change it.

  2. Turn of Shadows (DS).

5 - To finalize your section, go to the Scenes Palette and create a new Scene called Section, saving the current Camera position, Layers visibility, and Visual Styles settings.

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