Orthographic Views

View your model in various orthographic views, including top, sides, and bottom.

You'll find orthographic views by clicking the top icon in the floating navigation toolbar:

Some helpful hints when working with orthographic views:

  • When switching between orthographic views, FormIt will maintain the zoom level for consistency.

  • When switching elevation views (front/right/left/back), FormIt will maintain the ground height for consistency.

  • You can hold Shift while Panning in an orthographic view to lock the Pan movement to the horizontal or vertical axis.

  • Orthographic view directions are based on the world axes. You can realign the axes, which will change the orientations of all the orthographic views:

    • Use shortcut SZ, or right-click in space (not over any geometry):

    • Set the origin, and set the grip on the red axes to align it with a meaningful direction

Orthographic views work in conjunction with other FormIt features:

  • Save elevation views as Scenes so you can return to them later.

  • Control visibility of geometry that might get in the way of elevation views using Layers.

  • Add Section Planes to create section-elevations.