Hosting a Plugin on GitHub

Have you built a useful plugin that you want to share? Host your repository on GitHub so that others can install your plugin from the Plugin Manager!

Host Your Plugin Project

This process is similar to an earlier chapter where we discuss how to publish your plugin created in the Plugin Playground.

Go to your new GitHub plugins repo, for example,

In the top menu, click Settings > Pages. Under Source, click the None button and select the main branch. Click Save.

Continue to Update Your Plugin Project Locally

At this point, you can continue adding, modifying, and testing plugins locally, and when you're ready to publish, use GitHub Desktop or another Git client to push your changes to your GitHub repo. Anyone consuming your repo and plugins will always get the latest code when they start FormIt.

Publish Your Project

For projects created in an IDE instead of Plugin Playground, you can publish your plugin by adding a FormIt-plugin topic to your plugin's repository.

This allows your plugin to be discovered in the community plugins list.

View your repo on GitHub by visiting your project link, for example,

Click on Settings in the top right corner.

Add a plugin description, add formit-plugin to the Topics field, and save changes.

Once saved, your plugin project will be added to the community plugins list.

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