Energy Analysis

Start a BIM workflow by evaluating the performance of elements from the beginning of the design process.

Solar Analysis

With a FormIt Pro subscription you have can visualize the sun's impact on your building:

  • Specify relevant faces to be analyzed for solar impact
  • Visualize results in seconds within the app canvas
  • Hover your mouse or input point to see specific calculated values of solar impact
  • Choose to view results as a monthly glazing study, or as a yearly solar panel feasibility study
  • Learn more about Solar Analysis

Energy Analysis with Insight

With a FormIt Pro subscription you have access to Energy Analysis with Insight:

  • Analyze early stage design models with Green Building Studio's analysis engine
  • Connect to a dashboard view of your results of your design, and compare options
  • Adjust the Energy Analysis factor widgets like Window to Wall Ration, Building Orientation, and others
  • Summarize your building's energy impact with a single number calculated as a bottom line cost per area
  • Save your Energy Analysis results for future review with clients and other stakeholders
  • Learn more about the Insight and FormIt connection

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