Import Models with Content Library

In this section we will import models existing models from the SketchUp warehouse, and use the FormIt Content Library to place Families we've converted from Revit. Note that SKP files import to FormIt with Materials, Groups and Components, Layers and Scenes intact

If you did not complete the last section, download and open the farnsworth07.axm file from the FormIt Primer folder.

Import SKP files

First we'll go through the process of adding a piece of downloaded content to your own personal content library

  1. Start a new session of FormIt - you can either Save (Ctrl + S) your existing work, and start a New file (Ctrl + N), or start another session of the app, so you have two running side by side

  2. In an empty FormIt scene, click File > Import > Import 3D Model (Ctrl + I) and Import mies_ottoman.SKP from FormIt Primer/content/SKP

  3. Double click to edit the ottoman group. Name the group Mies Ottoman and set the category to Furniture

  4. Ensure Snap to Grid (SG) is on. Draw a reference Line (L) starting at the origin point defined by the X, Y, Z axis. Click anywhere to place the second point

  5. Single click to select the ottoman group. Click the lowest corner of the leg to set the start point of a move command

  6. Single click to place the ottoman group at the origin. Clear the selection with an Esc, then delete the reference line

  7. When you import SKP files to FormIt, you may want to delete the layers that come in. Go to the Layers panel, select Layer 0, and click the "-" button. This will delete the layer, but not the geometry on that layer

  8. Turn off the Grid (DG) and the X, Y, Z axes (DZ) and do a Zoom All (ZA). FormIt will store the current Visual Styles for the Content Library thumbnail preview image

  9. Save As (Ctrl + Shift + S). Put the file in the content\Seating folder with the name Mies Ottoman.AXM. Note that an example is there in case you want to review

You can follow the same steps above with the Mies_van_der_Rohe_Couch and the mob_cadeira_barcelona files in the content\SKP folder

Link a Content Library

  1. Open the Content Library Palette

  2. Click the + icon to link a Content Library folder. Click the + icon in the dialog to define a path to a local folder

  3. Select the FormIt Primer\content folder and click OK

Place Content from the Library

  1. Turn off the roof layer so you can see inside the house

  2. Look in the Content Library palette and choose the content folder you just linked from the drop down menu

  3. Single click the components folder to open it. Single click the core preview tile, then single click into the canvas to place it. Place it in the middle of the floor

  4. Go to the Top View (ZT) and turn off the Floor 1 layer to see the plan image below

  5. Select the core and move it along the red axis until it roughly lines up to the plan below. You may want to turn off Snap to Grid (SG)

  6. Move the core along the green axis until it is roughly in place, using the plan as a guide. You should also adjust the location of the bed while you're here!

Make sure to move along the red and green axes while working in Top View. Otherwise you may snap to elements above or below, and the object you're moving will jump in the Z direction

Place Furniture from the Library

  1. Go back to the Perspective view (ZD), turn on the Floor 1 layer

  2. Look into the Content Library palette. Click into the Seating sub-folder

  3. Select the Corbu Chair and place one in the scene, in front of the fire place. Place a few of the other furniture pieces. Put whatever furniture you just placed onto the furniture layer

After placing furniture, it remains selected. You can quickly use the Rotate (Q) command to adjust furniture rotation as you place each piece.